About Us: 

Our vision is to enable any person with the information and guidance to start and maintain a successful for profit business just by following the content outlined on WhatsTheBusiness.org.

Our mission is to take the uncertainty out of the startup business process for all people.   

We achieve our mission by providing a detailed startup roadmap, product and service ideas to explore, up to date industry trend research, interviews and biographies of successful business owners, case studies and analysis of successful businesses, and cross functional tutorials across multiple disciplines at no cost to the reader. 

Ultimately, WhatsTheBusiness.org is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to generate passive income as a business owner regardless of your experience level at the start. We help you go from desire to first sale in forming a for profit business.

That said, building a business is a long term effort often with unclear and uncertain steps (at least we thought so when starting!). Therefore, we evolve our startup roadmap with the feedback from our community of interdisciplinary professionals to make the path a little smoother for everyone. 

Our History: 

We started our journey just like everyone else…with a lot of desire but no idea where to go from there.

Our team formed under a common problem: No control over income growth and career trajectory as employees working for our respective companies.

Business ownership seemed the most logical solution to financial independence, but the what and how was ever elusive.

Therefore, after much overthinking we got fed up and resolved to just do something to see what would happen. Given our collective technical development experience we began a programming tutorial site. Later, we added general business and entrepreneur mindset content. As our site content evolved we began to see a gap in the marketplace for a cohesive end to end guide to business startup within the niche we knew the best – technology. So, through trial and error as well as some giving up and starting over in-between we’ve developed our startup roadmap on WhatsTheBusiness.org into what you see today.

But, we’re not done yet!

Through support and feedback from people like you we continue to expand our knowledge base. Thank you!