Focus on What is in Your Control

Life is hard and often doesn’t go your way immediately. There are seemingly infinite externality that can block you from what you want which can be frustrating. However, if you spend all of your time dwelling on what you cannot control then all you will have is unhappiness and resentment. Instead, of focus on what you can control – your responses to impulses. Act. Acting after thinking about your response to impulse and externality will help you move incrementally towards whatever you want. Accept the possibility that the outcome may not be what you want but be optimistic that if you act in the best way consistently then in the long term you will have more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Document your goals and every day journal against your progress towards them. Build a roadmap to your future at the stepwise action level. If the list of steps are specific enough and tested then ultimately you will achieve your imagined outcome. Be disciplined and frugal. Focus only on the main essentials and remove anything superfluous. Continue to improve your skills. Find those who are more knowledgeable and listen to their wisdom. Absorb as much content as you can and continue to innovate. You must succeed. People need hope now more than ever and you are going to give it to them by your example. Focus on what you can control – your words and your actions. Your responses are what matter the most. No matter how bad you feel or the outcome of any situation that doesn’t give you the right to make bad choices. If you can strive towards your goals and accelerate past what is known to what must be learned and uncovered then you will be best off. If you can put yourself in situations you feel uncomfortable and perhaps fail but learn from it and make better decisions then you will be unstoppable. Record your experiments and your experiences. Build a library of roadmaps and procedures. As you scale your organization others will join you and you will improve their lives. But focus on the scope of your control your values and beliefs. These are your algorithms and your heuristics that will guide you as the going gets tough. As you gain more support your scope of influence will increase along with your scope of interest. Focus on things both high and low level. You mustn’t get too focused on a tree that you miss the forest. Do what is best for yourself and others – think about both. It is essential that you learn how to let your mind run but guide it to the priorities. The you plan do, analyze, and revise the more you will learn what those priorities are and refine them. Focus on what you can control and don’t forget its all in your head. 



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