Website Monetization

Website monetization is the process of converting website traffic into revenue.


  • Use Google Adsense 
  • Once you have ads enabled then general traffic Reach out proactively to users on the internet in your social media friend group or on answer sites like Quora.

The most popular types are pay per click (ppc) and cost per impression (cpi/cpm).

An important metric to pay attention to is cost per thousand impressions; a metric that will determine the efficiency of your add rate.

Banner advertising is a simple form of advertising where ads are displayed between content, on the side bars, or on the bottom of pages.

Affiliate Programs are another good way to earn money. With affiliate programs it is important to focus on your landing page and developing an email list.

Some examples of affiliate programs:

•Amazon Associates


• Rakuten Affiliate Network

• eBay Partner Network

• AvantLink

• RevenueWire

• Avangate

• CJ Affiliate by Conversant

• ClickBank

Paid membership programs can leverage your website’s existing traffic and can generate reoccurring traffic to your website. These can be in the form of newsletters for stock tips or other proprietary knowledge activities.

Sell a product or service levering content management systems like WordPress to quickly get your product or service to market. A blog can be a good way to sell directly to your end user

Sponsored Posts: Common in the travel industry, you can accept money from others looking to post on your website, provided you properly disclose that the post is a “sponsored” post.

Digital/Information Products: Creating an eBook, Paid Report, or similar information/digital product is a way to create a product that you can sell to your users.

Email List

Build an email list with a form on your website. With your list you can then drive traffic to your website or you can send affiliate information that solves problems and adds value.

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