Increase Content Creation Efficiency

How can content be created more efficiently?

When I say increasing efficiency, what do I mean? Well, I mean writing blog posts that are both informative and solve a specific problem quickly. The one commonality we all have is time and the better you can leverage your time, the more likely you’re going to have success in developing a business out of your website.

It is important to analyze your process for content creation. In the early stages of having a blog you’re going to want to generate the most traffic possible to your site. You can achieve this by defining the throughput that generate the most site traffic.

For example, I’m starting to use the Google Pixel recorder and speak about a particular topic while I’m driving. The recorder will take my speech and translated it into text. After, I can email that text to myself and then edit that content. By following this process I can create posts faster.

Further recording will helps formalize thoughts in a more succinct way. So even if I’m not necessarily going to speak my entire post it will help get me started on my posts. Posts will therefore increase efficiency because I have practiced focusing and organizing my thoughts in a more coherent way more consistently.

Another benefit is that it’ll increase subject matter expertise. If you are thinking about a subject on a more consistent basis in a more natural way, then it’s more likely that more expansive and better content can be created as it is just something that you are constantly thinking and speaking about. 

The other way to generate content more efficiently is to create templates. By creating templates you can then start to develop for example answers to questions from Quora. Answers must be varied by type and be succinct enough that they provide the appropriate information but still leave the reader wanting more and drive them to your site through an article link. When answering a lot of questions over a period of time questions become repetitive and it’ll be easier to pull from a set of response templates and increase posting efficiency.

So, you will want to come up with ideas like this for different funnels that you are generating internet traffic from. The more efficient you make your content generation process the more likely you will be able to eventually monetize your content and scale your own business.

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