Personality Types

Understanding different personality types is important because if you want to get the best results while collaborating taking a slightly different communication approach is necessary as each type has different values and tendencies.

DiSC is an acronym that stands for the four main behavioral styles outlined in the DiSC model of personalities.

DISC Personality Types

The DISC personalities consists of dominance influence compliance and steadiness.

People who are dominant tend to be results oriented, direct, and competitive and in a scale of outgoing to reserved they are more on the outgoing side.  Additionally, they tend to be more questioning and skeptical as the chart indicates. These tend to be more task oriented vs. people oriented.

When speaking with the person who has a dominance personality type be prepared with facts at a higher level and speak to the point.  Avoid going into too much depth or using non-specific language.

People who are influencers are enthusiastic friendly and optimistic.  These are also outgoing types of people but they tend to have more relationship building skills.  At times this personality type can seem disorganized because they are less task oriented.  So, if you have an employee who is an influencer then it may be beneficial to help them keep on track in check in regularly regarding tasks.  These are usually good salespeople or consultants. Generally, this personality type will communicate well with you, but be aware that they may be trying to persuade you to do something.  So focused on a win-win mindset and don’t allow yourself to be talked into something that you don’t want.

Steady people are a stable support in a crisis.  These people tend to speak slowly and may be sensitive.  Generally, these personality types are more reflective and maybe introverted.  These people focus personality types are generally good listeners but made not be good at asserting themselves.  When communicating with this personality type be sure to ask their opinion as they typically seek first to understand before being understood.  Avoid being too direct or flippant with this personality type because they may take it personally.

The last personality type is compliance.  This task oriented personality type is cautious, careful, conscientious and their negative traits could be calculating or condescending.  This personality type is very interested in following rules and from an authority position they may want to enforce those rules with other people.  This personality types will want to understand a lot of detail and may get stuck in the weeds on certain topics.  However, they will usually catch things other people miss.  This personality type that is also introspective and will not want to make quick snap judgments about tasks.  This personality type is best with analysis or detail-oriented tasks

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