Sleep is an under rated productivity too. I am an order of magnitude better at anything I do when fully rested and significantly worse with a lack of it. 

Sometimes I feel I have no control over my sleep which is frustrating. That said, focus on the areas that I can control to incrementally improve my sleep duration and quality.

Fitbit is a good tool for analyzing sleep. With fitbit I can see how long I’ve slept and how much REM, Light Sleep, and Deep Sleep I get. When I get at least 1.5 hours of REM sleep I usually feel good. Anything below that I feel anxious and confused.  

Also, I can track my resting heart rate. When I’ve eaten too much for dinner or am just restless my resting heart rate will go up the next day. When I’ve gotten quality sleep with a good duration (usually at least 7-8 hours) then my resting heart rate goes down.

Use zzzquill to get to sleep faster. Start meditation and relaxing an hour before going to sleep. For example, if I am to wake up at 5 am pst then I must fall asleep at 9 pm pst to get a good nights rest. Start relaxing and take zzzquil at 8 pm to reduce my heart rate enough to fall asleep. 

Avoid eating at least 3 hours before sleeping to avoid indigestion and heart burn that may affect the quality of my sleep. More specifically eat dinner at 5 pm PST. Avoid drinking water at least 1-2 hours before sleeping. 

Additionally, caffeine may be a root cause for restlessness while trying to fall asleep. Avoid caffeine after 12 pm as much as possible. 

Other times I am worried about something or trying to solve a problem instead of focusing on falling asleep. To mitigate this listen to positive affirmations, listen to something repetitive, or read something slowly to relax my thoughts and fall asleep.  

If I have not slept well the previous night don’t sleep in. Instead wake up at my intended time so I am tired the next day and will get back into my sleep cycle. 

Also, avoid making impulsive decisions when tired. When I haven’t gotten enough rest I tend to spend money or eat impulsively. Be conscious of this and make it a point to eat more healthy in the appropriate quantity that day.

Avoid napping where possible as it impacts my nights sleep and can throw off my sleep cycle. 

Incrementally improve these areas and I will sleep better. When I sleep better my life will improve overall. 

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