Python Q&A:

  • Managing Strings in Python – This article discusses various methods to manage strings in python, their efficiency, and where they are applied.
  • Save result of 38 Loops as Txt File – This article demonstrates looping, incrementing variable int values, and saving an output of a list to a text file.
  • Last Name Match Bar Graph – This article demonstrates the use of matching lists, creating ordered pairs from merged lists, and creating bar graphs using Matplotlib.
  • How do I input a square of odd numbers between 1 and 99? – This article discusses various methods to return the odd numbers from the range, square those odd numbers, get a sum of squares of the odd numbers in the range, and a square of sums of odd numbers in the range. 
  • Task Tracker Application – routine management task application that allows you to create tasks, save tasks to a database, countdown and read tasks, and report on completed tasks. 
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