Disassembling Computers To Sell Parts

I’m developing a process for leveraging recycled computer hardware.

If the computer is in use I’ll use it to generate advertising revenue.

If it is not usable then I disassemble it to sell the parts.

I need to test each of the parts and will need equipment for testing

I can sell the parts on Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist

The plastic from the computers can be broken down to be used for 3D printing to create further products.

Disassembling computers can seem like a lot of work at first but it is fairly simple process once you do it a few times. That said, be careful as it can be easy to break parts that you are trying to sell if you are not careful.

The computer can be deconstructed in a few ways. Sometimes there will be screws on the bottom to remove and the components are easily accessible from there. Other times the keyboard has to be removed before components can be accessed. To do this I use a screw driver to take off each of the keys and put them into a plastic bag then the keyboard panel is easier to remove. If all else fails you may have to force the computer open but be aware of sections that are screwed in as forcing too much has the potential to damage components.

Parts that can be sold:

  • Random Access Memory
  • Screen
  • Disk Drive
  • Half Mini PCI-E Card
  • Hard Drive

Once you’ve removed all components find a box to store it in. If you’re an individual seller then any box will do fine and store it in your closet. That said, for purposes of efficiency it can be helpful to document the component as they come out and take pictures of them. This information will be useful when it comes time to create a listing for the used component.

You’ll need some equipment to test each of the components and wipe all of the hard drives. More to come on that later on.

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